Adventures in Wonderland

a pilgrimage of the heart

This Nomadic Life – Travel Tales

A collection of tales about our life as intentionally homeless nomads:

How it all began

Home Cooking

Living Without the Daily News

Hotel Rooms

What’s For Dinner

Kicked Out Of The Nest

Sartorial Elegance. Not.


More Serendipity

What Language Barrier?

Time To Rest

Deciding Where To Go Next

Security On The Road

Our First Interview

Don’t Cry For Me, I’m In Argentina

The Work Of Travelling

Merry Christmas

Another Interview

Things We’ve Learned

Thank you Blogging World, And Our First Guest Post

Four Miracles

Moving With Spirit

Some Hair-raising Stories

The Next Leg

Behind the Scenes at Adventures in Wonderland

Brave New World – Hosteling in New Zealand

Guest Post and Interview

HuffPost Live Interview

Road Tripping!

Why I Blog: Creativity And The Need To Give It Away

To Tour Or Not To Tour? Independent Travel Versus Travelling With a Tour Group

11 thoughts on “This Nomadic Life – Travel Tales

  1. Hi Alison & Don, Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have visited so many countries, will take me a while to read all your posts. It is my dream to travel when I retire, Happy Travels! Debz


  2. You are blessed. The pictures quality is so good.What is the camera model you use ? I would like to purchase a good camera if not very provide the camera used .


    1. Thank you so much Harris. Yes it is true, we are very blessed. My camera is a Panasonic FZ1000. It has some limitations (not so good in low light) but it has a built-in 25-400 zoom and a built-in flash so I don’t carry around a lot of extra pieces, just the one camera.


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