I started this blog many many years ago, with a different host. I knew nothing about blogging. My niece set it up for me. I was living in Canada and wanted to send photos of our apartment to my sisters in Australia. I put the photos up on the blog and sent them the link. I had help to do this. I think I barely knew how to use email.

The blog was called Apartment Photos. After fulfilling this initial purpose it sat there unused for 2 or 3 years. Then Don and I were about to embark on a five-week trip to the Cook Islands, Australia, and Vietnam. By this time I was a member of an online forum and some members asked if I would write about our journey on the forum. Suddenly I remembered – I have a blog! Thus I began writing about our travels. I would email friends and family with the link, and also put the link up on the forum each time I posted something new. The blog was still called Apartment Photos.

After we became nomadic in September 2011 I continued to write about our travels, still sending emails to friends and family to alert them to a new post. Around the middle of 2012 I switched to WordPress. Soon after, I was nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! What?! What is this? I knew nothing about the blogging community, but I was thrilled and excited to be nominated for this award and wanted to respond. That meant I had to enter the community, find and follow other blogs that resonated for me, make friends, connect. Where once I barely had a toe in the door, now it was wide open and I dived in.

From that small beginning I had no idea how important, enriching and inspiring it would be. Almost every day I was, and am, reading things that move me, inspire me, amuse me, remind me of the truth of being, and bring me back to now. I am so grateful to have discovered this online world. I am so grateful for you.

Recently I read this: that trust is gratitude for that which has not yet manifest. It has had a profound affect on my life. It is one of the most important things I’ve read in recent times. I don’t remember whose blog I read it on but if you’re reading this – thank you! And that’s what all this is about. Thank you to all the people whose blogs I follow. Thank you to all the people who follow our blog. Thank you to all the new followers who have subscribed in the past few days. All of you enrich my life.

Our first guest post:

There’s a fabulous website called Retirement and Good Living. You may not be ready to retire but good living is for everyone! We submitted a guest post on their blog about a week ago. Please head on over and have a look at it. And especially to all of you who have just recently started following our blog, it will give you some of the back story of why we sold our home, and all our stuff, and became nomads. We didn’t just lose our minds one day. Well, perhaps we did!

Our first guest post – on Retirement and Good Living. Thanks for reading.

Oh and have you noticed that lovely bright blue icon at the top on the right? We got Freshly Pressed! Thanks WordPress for the recognition, and for the fabulous community you hold in your arms.

Tomorrow February 13th we fly to the town of Iquitos in eastern Peru. From there we head off on a four-hour boat journey to a lodge in the Amazon wilderness. After a few days there we head even deeper into the jungle for some hiking and (hopefully) animal viewing. Those darn jungle animals! You can never quite predict where they’ll be! We will be largely without internet for about nine days. Catch up with you all when we get back.

Photos of the day: the extravagant beauty, colour, and exquisite splendor of Fiesta Candelaria in Puno, Peru (much more about this to come in future posts).



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