Interviews and Guest Posts

We’ve been lucky enough to be the subject of interviews, and to have been asked to write guest posts and articles for other blogs and travel companies. Here is where you can find them:


Matt Kepnes, aka Nomadic Matt interviewed us about about shedding almost all our possessions and becoming intentionally-homeless nomads later in life: How This 70-year-old Couple Bucked Convention to Travel the World

Carol from Vira Volta, a Brazilian magazine, also interviewed us about choosing this lifestyle at our ages: O que esse casal aprendeu após vender sua casa aos 70 anos para viajar o mundo? It’s in Portuguese of course, but you’ll find a translation in this post.

Cheri Lucas Rowlands, a WordPress Editor, interviewed us and two other couples for WordPress Discover about being blogging nomads. Blogging Nomads: On Wanderlust and Shared Journeys


At The Journal by Intrepid Travel:

All my articles for Intrepid Travel are here. Travelling when older. Egypt. Turkey. China.

At Retirement and Good Living:

The Gift of Travel

Moving With Spirit

Naturally Beautiful Vancouver

Health and Medical Care While Travelling

For Nature and Wildlife Lovers – off the beaten path in Australia

A Journey Through Jordan

Beyond Beach Resorts and Tourist Towns – finding the real Mexico

At My Travel Moment:

Press Credentials for the Big Festival

At The Travel Channel:

we were invited as travel experts to contribute to suggestions for the Best Retirement Getaways for 2015. Their slide show of eleven places includes two of our suggestions, and you will also find us on their Advisors page.

Evelyn Helminen at Travelling Ev also wrote a piece about us in her Flashlight Friday series.

A lovely conversation with Britt Skrabanek on her fabulous podcast, about living your best life.

A wide ranging conversation with Heather Markel. We mostly we talked about living outside of the box, because I’ve never been able to do anything else.

This was a great interview with the delightful Gil and Gene who are searching for a place to retire. On their podcast there interview retirees who have settled in different places all over the world. We talk about our travels and about why we chose to live in Vancouver after nearly six years with no home base.

15 thoughts on “Interviews and Guest Posts”

  1. Great pictures. It;s like being there. Inspiring.

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  2. Hi Alison! I work for a tv and film production company in Toronto. I’m doing research for a project that we’re working on and would love to see if you and Don would be interested in sharing your story. If you’d like to discuss in more detail please send me an email. Thanks and happy travels!

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  3. Daniel Paull said:

    Hey Alison,

    I have just finished a survey on ageing thoughts and feelings which I thought you might be interested in. Let me know if you would like me to share the results with you 🙂 Keep up the great work.


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  4. Have just read your blog on Guatemala which we hope to visit next year if travel restrictions are lifted in time. We have already had one trip cancelled which was disappointing. The Indian article was familiar as we have in U.K. a program on retirement to India and This area was filmed. Most interesting. You certainly get around but you must have a lot of finance in order to travel this much as maintaining an apartment in Vancouver is not cheap to start with. Also note one area you have not visited or I cannot find is Tahitian islands, and Marquesas.

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    • Hello Jean. Nice to “meet” you. My husband was 68 and desperately needed to retire but we had a big debt and a mortgage. So we sold our home, our car and furniture, and sold or gave away almost everything else. We kept a small storage locker with files, camping gear, winter clothes and a few small precious mementos. We paid off the mortgage and other debts and used what was left to travel. We spent nearly 6 years homeless and nomadic. Three years ago we reestablished a home because I needed a hip replacement. By then we were both old enough to qualify for pensions and subsidized seniors rental housing. We still have some savings but basically live off our pensions. These days we travel for about 2 months every year.
      You can ask us anything you want to know.
      As you note we have not been to Marquesas or Tahiti though I visited Tahiti many years ago in my 20’s.
      Cheers, Alison


  5. originalasalways said:

    I love seeing your amazing photos from your adventures and posts .You are inspiring.

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  6. Hi Alison & Don – We love your blog and the travels you’ve shared. We would love if you would accept our invitation to be guests on a new podcast, Retire There with Gil & Gene. Please let me know if you would consider it! Thanks!! Gilen

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  7. Hey Alison (sorry Don) I have just finished an old podcast you did on living authentically! I was led to this pod cast after a painful creak up after 4.5 years with someone I cared deeply for but felt like we were just not growing.

    I related to much of what you said in the podcast and wondered if you have any further insights or resources that might help me on my journey? I know I want to change my life but struggle sometimes to know what’s right for me!

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    • First I want to congratulate you on finding a way to move on from a situation that was no longer fulfilling, no matter how much you cared. Break ups are often painful. Yrs ago I had one where the only way I could get out of it was to leave Canada and go back to Australia for 6 months. It was all so messy. Anyway kudos. You’ve made the first step.
      I also struggled mightily with knowing what was right for me, and it was only the painstaking journey of life that showed me. The best I can say is learn to listen to your intuition – and then do that, even if, perhaps especially if, it goes against what society would consider a conventional or successful path. Do what’s right for you no matter what. That’s how I’ve done it. It was often challenging, but also immensely rewarding. Learn to trust your inner knowing.
      I don’t know where you’re at in your inner journey but teachers that have helped me over the years have been Jane Roberts, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti. These are the ones that come to mind at the moment. They have all published books, and have websites.
      Wishing you all the very best on your journey.
      Keep me posted!


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