This Nomadic Life – The Inner Journey

Posts about the emotional and psychological challenges and changes we’ve faced since becoming intentionally homeless nomads.

Learning to Trust

Travel Sickness

Getting What We Want. Or Not.

Staying Grounded

Losing Control

Kicked Out Of The Nest

Remembering the Truth

Why Do We Travel?

Emotional Distress and Physical Health

Finding Equilibrium and Equanimity

The Way It Is


Becoming Undefended

What’s Changed? – Alison

What’s Changed? – Don

You Get What You Get

You Get What You Get – Part Two

You Get What You Get – Part Three

Money Worries


A New Found Enthusiasm

Nothing Ever Changes

Mind Stories

Things We’ve Learned

Recovery And Having Your Ducks in a Row

Observe The Mind

A Progress Report


We Fell Into a Hole – Oops

Together Twenty-four Seven

This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

Too Big For Our Boots

Travelling The Inner World

To Travel Or Not To Travel

A Second Childhood

Way Out On A Limb

Crocodile Spotting

Do You Want A Home Or Do You Want A Life?

The Long Dance of the Soul

Now This

This Precious Life

It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Like This!


I never ever ever want to be in another relationship again. Ever!

Time For a Time Out

The End of an Era

Homing in on Home

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