From Don: In her last This Nomadic Life post Alison wrote about the changes she has noticed in herself since we became nomads. Much of what she said could apply equally well to me, but of course, being a different soul and having a different body, I also have a somewhat different perspective.

I’ve changed from the Don living in Vancouver who was hoping and expecting to die early because he was bored and dissatisfied with life to the Don who now loves the life he leads, and loves seeing new and wonderful places all over the world. I’m much more engaged with life than I’ve ever been, and now I want to continue living in this body for many more years. Even though I still have some health issues I obsess about them much less I used to.

I’m much less afraid of the new and unknown, particularly since pushing through the terror that I experienced before we went to Burma.

How can I put it most succinctly? Two years ago I was given a vision of what might be possible: a new life that involved letting go of the life I’d had up to that time and going travelling instead. I had no clue when I said a big YES to doing that just how much more letting go I would have to do along the way. Do I have any regrets? None. Each time I’ve been faced with a situation or a decision that I would never have chosen willingly had I been offered the option, the end result of letting go and accepting the situation has always been more inner freedom: I’ve become less fearful, more openhearted, more sociable, and more willing to “let go and let God”. The biggest change in my life since becoming nomadic has been the enormous increase in my willingness to let spirit and intuition guide me; to let happen whatever the Mystery wants to have happen in what I used to call “my” life.

For the first time in my life I’m able to love openheartedly, and to express and receive love more fully than ever before.

All this does not mean that I wake up in bliss every day, or that I can levitate at will! It does mean that I am more at peace with the world, and myself, and I’ve become more adept at riding the emotional waves that still arise on a regular basis. I don’t get lost in deep dark holes as often or for as long as I used to. I have more confidence that the storms will pass by in their own time; and so they do.

I am increasingly grateful for the amazing life I’ve been granted. I woke up one morning last week in a beautiful apartment in San Miguel de Allende, walked in the sunshine along its beautiful, very European, streets and went for a fabulous breakfast with Alison at Via Organica: life is being very good to me, and I keep giving thanks for that to the creator/orchestrator of it all.

Living life moment by moment, accepting whatever happens as exactly what is meant to happen in that moment, not resisting, not complaining, not blaming others for what happens, is my via organica.

Photo of the day: At a village near Luang Prabang, Laos

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