A new comment on the blog read late at night.
Seriously jet-lagged,
just arrived back in Vancouver from Sweden:
would we be available to take part in a HuffPost Live segment
about Travelling When You Get Older
the next day at 12.30EST
meaning 9.30am for us?

That would be yes and I hope we’re not too late in replying.
Falling into a deep sleep, waking a little after 6am, and finding a reply:
it’s not too late.
By 8am a test run on Google Hangout successful after sorting a few anomalies.

So here it is:

The HuffPost Live interview

I heard years ago that one needs to look straight at the camera at all times when on video. I remembered about that the hard way. I look shifty-eyed, and at times mildly uninterested. Don looks dopey. We put it down to jet lag. That’s our excuse anyway. No matter. We were excited, and thrilled to be asked, and it was fun.

Photo of the day: Walking the country lanes in Sweden


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