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At Iguazu Falls, Argentina – right after going in an open boat under the falls. It was epic!

A while ago now Don and I were interviewed for a book about people who have led unconventional adventurous lives.

And now that book will hopefully soon be published.

The author is Glen Valentin, a Belgian living in France and a true adventurer in his own right. He has finished 3rd in the Bearman XTreme Triathlon, climbed the Col du Tourmalet on a spacehopper, hiked the Pyrenees from coast to coast, and is currently preparing himself for the first adventure that really scares the crap out of him: Stand Up Paddling 5000 km across Europe.

We Could Be Heroes is about how to live our best lives. One hundred of the world’s most inspiring adventurers lead the reader through their journey of skill acquisition, dealing with setbacks, and overcoming fear. This is a must-read book for outdoor-lovers who are feeling stuck in the rut of a “normal” life and willing to begin the difficult but wonderful path that leads to exploration, creativity, freedom, and a deep connection with their own soul.

Here’s a little excerpt of the chapter about us:

Do you watch the news?
Don: During the coronavirus at the moment, I do. I think it’s important in order to stay safe. But normally we don’t.
Alison: I have better things to do than watching the news. I don’t trust it anyway. If you believe the news, nowhere is safe.
Don: We wanted to see the orangutangs in Borneo. The travel advice was: “Don’t go there, it’s dangerous, you could be kidnapped by pirates.” A friend of ours was there and said: “Come over, it’s safe, it’s wonderful.” We went, our friend was right, it was magical.
Alison: The human mind loves drama, it loves catastrophizing. The news adds to this. I think it’s smarter to focus on the positive. Anyway, I try to add to the positive energy of the world.

What are the most important messages you want to send out?
Don: I would like to set an example of how to live a life of fulfillment at any age.
Alison: Trust and gratitude. Let life guide you. Just follow your heart and put one foot in front of the other. If you want to live an adventurous life don’t let the fear stop you. Commit to it 100%, it gets easier with practice.

Click on this link for more information and to order your copy. It’s not just us; it’s mainly about the other 99 truly awesome people who are way more accomplished and adventurous than we are. 

Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Also epic! Photo by Poseidon Cruises staff

Climbing Cotapaxi Volcano, Ecuador. Yeah, okay, this was epic too. Photo by Cristian Garcia, our intrepid Cotapaxi guide.

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