I am honoured that the folks at 5writers5novels5months invited me to write a guest post about how I find, or make, time to write while we are travelling.

Since we’re always travelling I have to carve out time somewhere, and it usually means “something’s gotta give” – like travel research, sleep, reading books, watching movies, reading blogs. In the process of writing it, the post became as much about why I write, the inner drive that propels me as a writer and blogger. Hop on over and have a read. There are many good articles there about the process of writing. I’ve never really regarded myself as a writer, but slowly, through reading the 5writers blog, and then through writing this guest post my perception has changed. At the simplest level, since I write I must be a writer, but it is so much more than that. It’s the inner drive and commitment that keeps me going and that makes me want to become better at it.

Photo of the day: it’s a classic cliché and I couldn’t resist. Sunset at Mindil Beach, Darwin, Australia


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