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World Cultures on View was founded by professional photographer Nataly Rader. With this project, Nataly decided to combine all she was passionate about – photography, travel, a love for learning about new cultures, and supporting other women photographers. She decided to build a community where women could share their experiences, their knowledge about world cultures, and various current events. Nataly envisioned a community of like-minded people; she also felt that women were underrepresented in the industry and thought this project would offer a safe place to share their work and make friendships.

Women Share Cultures is the Instagram “branch” of World Cultures on View, where  the photographs are shared for public viewing.

I’m so pleased and honoured that Nataly chose to feature my photographs on Instagram for five consecutive days.

She also interviewed me. It was an honest meaningful conversation about life, photography, travel, Don’s and my nomadic years, and much more.

Nataly introduces it this way: In their 60s Alison and her husband Don decided to sell all of their possession and set off on a journey to explore the world. A very gentle and personal conversation with Alison Armstrong and Nataly Rader about her personal values and views on Life.

It’s here on Youtube. I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about me. 

All photos in this post are from the amazing Guelaguetza Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Next post: Another in the Travel Highlights Series – the Galapagos, Petra, and Japan’s Kurayami festival.

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