From Don: The day will unfold as it does: let it be. I’m still not quite back into a rhythm of life where I feel in the flow and allow stuff to arise in its own good time. I don’t feel like I’m pushing any rivers, but here I am with most of my days free to do whatever arises in me to do and I’m still feeling rushed. In my daily practice of writing three pages longhand every morning, called Morning Pages, I’m feeling rushed to complete it, then exercise, then have breakfast, and then, and then, and so on, instead of being at one with writing, then at peace while exercising, then in calm stillness when preparing and eating breakfast.

I can do that. In this moment, nothing else on my mind except writing. One thing at a time. Now this. Now this. Complete focus and attention on what is right in front of me to do. That alone engenders a feeling of calm focus. No more monkey mind leaping from one thing to another, never still, never satisfied with this moment, with this irreplaceable moment. Now this. Now this. No movement. I will remain here doing this until it’s done, and then I will do the next thing with complete focus. To go through one day in this way would be, will be, transformative. One thing at a time, no complaints, no thinking about anything else, no jumping up to do something else.

Just this, now, just this, now, just this, now . . . and so on through the day. Slowing down until I’m not moving anywhere . . . just here, just now, just this. Then the feeling of rushing recedes and stillness arises. Such a blessing to feel full acceptance of the moment: no struggle, no fighting to be somewhere, anywhere else than right here, right now. There’s a sense of centeredness that is felt physically in the middle of my chest: home at last.

Photos of the day:
Above – fallen frangipani, Koko Crater Botanical Garden, Oahu, Hawaii.
Below – from the train window, early morning, somewhere between Izmir and Konya, Turkey.


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