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Another Award

Months ago the wonderful kz nominated our blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you kz for your ebullient spirit and your wonderful writing. And for this nomination.

beautiful-blogger-award-1 You’ll find kz here: http://theeclecticeccentricshopaholic.wordpress.com

kz has previously nominated us for another award. I’ll say the same about her this time as I said last time: Check out kz’s blog. It’s much more than fashion and shopping. Actually there’s very little about fashion and shopping. If she’s really a shopaholic you couldn’t prove it by her blog. What she is, is a gifted writer – of haiku, of short stories, of poetry. I’m just waiting for the novel.

Last award post I wrote seven things about myself. This time it’s Don’s turn:

1. I spent years studying and then practising as a clinical neuropsychologist.
2. I spent years studying, and practicing, shamanism.
3. My biggest quest in life is to become fully open-hearted. I’m told that I’m well on my way.
4. I’m nomadic, but I don’t like transitions. Go figure!
5. Alison tells me that I inspire her to be authentic, by giving her space, and by example.
6. I take responsibility for my feelings, even though I sometimes blame Alison first 🙂
7. I’d never have been as adventurous, or travelled as much as I’ve done in the past few years, without Alison’s encouragement.

Back to Alison: So now I get to pass the award on to some other bloggers – spreading the love around. These are all blogs I read, and enjoy, am inspired by, and think are beautiful!

http://smallpebbles.com The natural world. The spiritual heart. Gorgeous photos and wise words.

http://kevollier.com Notes from an incredibly shrinking earth. Beautifully written stories of India, Scotland, yoga, family holidays, and spirituality.

http://farawayinthesunshine.wordpress.com The stories of a woman pursuing her creative dreams. Short sweet posts – lovely photographs, thoughtful words, and some gems of wisdom from a variety of sources.

http://lifeasimprov.com Saying “yes, and…” to life on the unfolding path to remembering full self. A deep, accessible questioning and witnessing of the journey of life. Waking up with grace.

http://storieswithnobooks.com Stories with No Books. Photographs, poetry, and cats that sleep in the sink 🙂

http://myitineraries.wordpress.com/about/ Sharing one-day itineraries for various destinations in hopes of making your travel planning easier! “A self-professed travel addict who loves to spend hours upon hours planning the perfect trip for family and friends.”

http://ponderthepreposterous.wordpress.com musings about life from the other side of the hill. A truly eclectic blog with topics ranging from the coming comet to retirement tips to cooking corn in a cooler! And lunar meditation.

http://feelingjoy.wordpress.com/about-me/ Inspirational, Poetry, Emotional Healing, Food and Art. That just about says it all. Inspiring thoughtful poetry, and stories of healing both body and soul.

Some “rules” (I use the term very loosely) for the nominees:
1. Display the Award Certificate on your website
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award
3. Present awards to some deserving bloggers
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself – totally optional

You can choose if you want to respond or not, and I suspect some of you may not want to. I hope just by having your name here more people will get to discover and enjoy your sites. And to all of you who read this post, I encourage you to check out the blogs I’ve nominated. There’s some good reading there.

Photo of the day: Lotus seller, Phnom Oudong, Cambodia

All words and images by Alison Louise Armstrong unless otherwise noted.
© Alison Louise Armstrong and Adventures in Wonderland – a pilgrimage of the heart, 2010-2015.