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The wonderful kz

gave me a Christmas present by nominating me for:

The Shine On Award


The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much kz. I’m still amazed that all these awards are coming my way. I love my blog, but I really appreciate finding out others do too.

Check out kz’s blog. It’s about much more than fashion and shopping. Actually there’s very little about fashion and shopping. If she’s really a shopaholic you couldn’t prove it by her blog. What she is, is a gifted writer – of haiku, of short stories, of poetry. I’m just waiting for the novel.

I’m supposed to post seven interesting things about myself. Seven! I guess it might be interesting that:
1. Whenever my body is not feeling comfortable in any way I send love and gratitude to it over and over.
2. One day several years ago I started saying to myself over and over “what if this is enough?” – referring to whatever my life looked like in the moment. Next thing I knew I spontaneously quit smoking, without even giving it a thought.
3. I once, briefly, had a direct experience of being outside of, and looking down on, the body so I know there’s more to being than just this life.
4. Even though I live it as my life, I don’t really think it is my life. I think we’re all “being done” – by life itself.
5. The thing I’m most grateful for is that I’ve learned how to be grateful.
6. I think life is a dream being dreamed by no-one, and that no-one is infinitely and eternally aware.
7. I spent years living in a little cabin in the far north west of Canada, and cooking during the summers in wilderness hunting and gold mining camps.

The blogs I nominate for both these awards are:

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