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Don’s photo of Canberra from Black Mountain

As promised, some more sharing of the inner journey. This latest contribution
From Don:
The beginning of our last full week in Canberra: time to eat right and stay healthy. We’re going to Julie and Robbie’s this morning to finish up the India planning. Then we might go to the Chemist Warehouse to get our toiletry supplies. What an exciting life we lead! I don’t understand why the mind continues to complain when nothing is wrong and it has next to nothing to do, but it does. The mind is almost never happy. This supposedly non-existent entity whines and complains and makes shit up just because it can. What can I do about the mind’s incessant whining and complaining? Stop believing that it matters or that it means anything.

So what’s on my mind today? It’s the bloody inconvenience of being on the road all the time. Of having none of the usual support systems that make life easier, apart from that most important of all support systems: The Mystery. I’m referring to having things available when I want them. I see an unusual bird while I’m out walking in the Australian bush and want to know what it is: there are two bird books right to hand where we’re housesitting for me to peruse. I know that I’m just whining here: with a little digging I can find whatever I need on that cornucopia of information, the Internet. In fact I can find pretty much everything I need in life on the Internet: a café to have a meal, a pharmacy to get some toiletries, the address of a hotel in Bangkok: it’s all on the Internet. So I don’t need reference books. It’s just the mind making stuff up again to cause dissatisfaction, and I almost got caught believing it. It’s the mind’s fault that I’m feeling bored. If it weren’t for the mind making up stories of dissatisfaction I would have nothing to complain about. All is well in my life, apart from my over focus on my health and my tendency to overindulge in foods and drinks that are not good for my system. All is well: Spring has sprung in Canberra, the days are fine and warm and I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want to do.

We’re getting ready for our next big leap on our never-ending journey: to India and then to Southeast Asia. Four and a half months of travelling around third world countries before we get a brief break back in Vancouver, and then we’re off again: to Mexico and then probably to Central America. Who knows what adventures we’ll have over the next two years? I need an attitude adjustment to get me back into travel mode so that I can once again appreciate what an opportunity we’ve been given to see the world and its wonders. What will it take to get me there? I don’t know: perhaps just bringing that awareness back into consciousness will be sufficient. We’ve been given a free pass to travel and see the world unencumbered by the usual trappings of a life: no work, no home, no car, and a minimum of belongings. The only apparent limitation comes in the form of stories created by the mind, and those are just that: stories created by the mind that I don’t need to believe. I can have the best time of my life or the worst time of my life, depending upon how much credence I give to the mind’s stories. Without the stories I have no problems. Okay, I feel better now, having gone through that process. This is how it goes for me: the mind makes up stories to cause dissatisfaction and every time it takes the time it takes for me to realize what’s going on, give my head a shake and change my attitude. One day I’ll stop falling into this familiar hole and walk around it instead.

From Alison
It’s springtime! The irises are in bloom.

And the wattle

And the waratah. The latin name is telopea something. I went to Telopea Park High School and this beautiful red flower was the emblem on our school blazer pocket.

We saw kangaroos in the Botanical Gardens:

Mother and joey both grazing. See how the joey’s paws and tail are sticking out of the pouch.

And water dragons. They range in size from babies at about six inches, to big adults at about two feet.

Grass parrot

King parrot

And to finish off – some before and after digital art:







We are in Delhi now. We arrived last night. We’re both very excited and happy to be travelling again and have had a fine time in our first explorations of the city. More in the next post.

All words and images by Alison Louise Armstrong unless otherwise noted.
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